Construction RISK Partners, Inc., was formed in 1999 to provide contractors with strong bond programs and other vital resources. We have the contacts, expertise and level of service required to help you secure larger jobs and more backlog, strengthening your bottom line.

Partner with experts. 

At Construction RISK Partners, Inc., we strive to create partnerships with contractors, rather than just transactional relationships. Our hands-on approach to account handling maximizes bond line. You will work directly with industry experts specifically trained in construction bonding. Partnering with us also grants you access to our network of the best construction accountants, insurance agents, and other industry-related professionals in the area.

Larger jobs. Stronger backlog.

We have the experience, horsepower and attitude to get the job done right. We work with top bond companies to give you strong bond lines with the ideal combination of capacity and rate. And we deliver all of this with rapid turnaround times on bond requests. Working with Construction RISK Partners, Inc. will allow you to take on larger jobs and more backlog, ultimately strengthening your strengthening your bottom line.